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How Bail Bonds Work

Getting a DUI and needing bail can be a traumatic experience.  The experts at A Way Out Bail Bonds can help you understand how bail bonds work so the best possible outcome can be achieved for your situation. Know Your Rights The legal process for…

Make Meaningful Memories This Mardi Gras

A plan to share in the revelry of Mardi Gras needs to include an option for an unexpected event. Drinking alcohol may add to the frivolity of your party celebration, but it carries some risk of a DUI arrest as well. Landing in jail on…

Safe Drinking Tips for New Year’s Celebrations

Getting a DUI arrest on your way home from a New Year’s Eve party can put a damper on your holiday season. Educating yourself about the effects of alcohol is one of the best ways to avoid an arrest. Consider these safe drinking tips during…

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