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Tips for Choosing a Bail Bond Company in Texas

If you or a loved one gets arrested, you understand that it can change things very quickly. Even though everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty, it might not feel that way in the moment. You are entitled to the strongest defense possible, and…

What To Do After a Drug Arrest

Right now, there is a lot of confusion regarding drug laws in the United States. It is entirely possible that someone could be arrested for drugs even if they have a prescription, do not appear to be doing anything wrong, and might have been falsely…

What Is a Cash-Only Bond?

An individual accused of a crime will either be stuck in jail until a hearing/trial or released prior to that scheduled appearance after posting bail. However, release from jail requires compliance with specific criteria as established by the court. In some cases, the individual accused…

What Happens to the Money When You Post Bail?

Most people are aware that they can regain their freedom after being charged with a crime by posting bail. However, there is society-wide uncertainty as to what exactly happens to bail money after it is paid. Search the web for this specific subject matter, and…

Can You Bail Yourself Out of jail?

There is a common misconception that anyone can bail themselves out of jail without even the slightest setback, hurdle, or other complication. Though it is possible to bail yourself out of jail in some situations, there may be some hurdles preventing you from doing so….

Under What Circumstances Would Bail Be Denied?

There are some situations in which bail will not be granted by the judge. Though bail bond agents typically succeed in ensuring a defendant’s release from jail prior to the trial, there is no guarantee such a release will be granted. Judges are legally empowered…

How the U.S. Bail System Started

Understanding the bail system requires more than watching daytime reruns of your favorite law drama. While many television shows provide a condensed version of reality, they get a lot wrong. If you want to truly understand how the bail system works, you need to go…

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