Drug Possession/Sale Bail Bonds

What Qualifies as Drug Possession?

Drug Possession/Sale Bail Bonds

Drug possession is a legal term that courts use to prosecute anyone found with legislatively banned drugs. The specific rules vary by state, but in Texas, any amount of any drug that is banned can count as drug possession. The penalties attached to the crime often vary by the amount in possession.

Here are a few prime examples.

Cocaine is a banned drug in the state of Texas. If you are found with any amount on your person or in your possession, it counts for this crime. Even having less than one gram of cocaine is a felony. Possessing more than a gram comes with additional penalties, and those penalties rise again if you are found in possession of more than four grams.

Marijuana is another banned substance. If you are caught with less than two ounces on you, whether you were aware of its presence or not, then that qualifies as a misdemeanor. Any more than two ounces escalates the crime to a felony, and sentencing rises with the amount discovered.

Meth is another banned drug that is frequently prosecuted. Possessing less than one gram can still get a person two years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Penalties increase dramatically when a person is found with more than a single gram of meth, and the maximum penalty can get up to 99 years in prison.

Any other banned drug will follow similarly specific definitions and punishment, but the concept of possession is the same. If the drug is found on your person or your property, you are in possession of it.

What Qualifies as Intent to Sell?

Intent to sell or distribute is something that dramatically raises the stakes. A conviction of intent to distribute will increase fines and prison time by default.

Legally speaking, intent is determined by a jury. It is also possible to plea bargain and admit intent to sell. In either case, the courts are effectively determining your intent on a case-by-case scenario.

Still, a prosecutor will look for ways to justify charges of intent to distribute, and to do that, they look at a few specific criteria. If a person is found with more of a drug than they could reasonably consume alone, it suggests intent to distribute. The same is true of anyone found with a large amount of cash, weapons, scales, packaging materials, chemistry tools, transport equipment, and manufacturing equipment.

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Ultimately, it falls to the state to prove intent, which is why it is important to secure bail as soon as possible. Anything said while in jail can potentially be used against a defendant.

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