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The Lesser-Known Facts About Bail Bonds

You would think that bail bonds would be simple, given that it’s a major part of our legal system. You hand money over to the bail bond agent, then you receive the bond. It’s that easy, right? Well, not always. The bail bond industry is…

How does a Judge set Bail?

First, what is “bail?” Bail is usually defined as an amount of money, given to a court to secure a criminal defendant’s appearance at future court proceedings. People often hear about bail in criminal proceedings, and that “the judge set the bail at a certain…

Preparing for your Bail Hearing

How does a bail hearing work? Bail functions solely to ensure your presence at future court hearings. The bail hearing is your first court appearance, after your arrest. A judge will be present at this hearing, along with the prosecutor. You always have the right…

Need to Bond Someone Out of Jail?

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