The Lesser-Known Facts About Bail Bonds

You would think that bail bonds would be simple, given that it’s a major part of our legal system. You hand money over to the bail bond agent, then you receive the bond. It’s that easy, right? Well, not always. The bail bond industry is more complicated than the average person realizes. Here are the lesser-known facts about bail bonds that everyone needs to know:

1. Bail Bonds are Not Accessible Everywhere

In Texas, bail bonds are pretty readily available. It’s not like that everywhere, though. Some states, like Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Nebraska, are actually restricted when it comes to bail bonds. The privatized lending services you know and love are severely hindered.

Rest easy, however, because bail bonds in DFW aren’t going anywhere.

2. Bail Money Isn’t Always a Requirement

Contrary to what many people believe, bail bonds do not always require money. If someone you love is arrested on a misdemeanor charge, for example, you can pay in collateral, or the judge may release the individual on their recognizance (their promise to appear in court).

3. Bail Bonds Agents Face Fewer Restrictions

As a privatized lending service, you would think that bail bond agents face many restrictions. It’s the opposite, however. A bail bond agent is not tied to the government. They can cross state lines to pursue clients who’ve skipped out.

4. Not All Countries Honor Bail Bonds

Believe it or not, very few countries actually honor bail bonds. The United States and the Philippines are the only two countries in the world where commercial bail is honored. Count yourself lucky!

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