What You Can and Can’t Do While Out on Bail

What You Can and Can’t Do While Out on Bail

So you just made bail and got out of jail? Not sure what you should and shouldn’t do while you wait for your case to close? While getting released from police custody is certainly freeing, it doesn’t mean you’re free to do whatever you please while you await your court appearances. 

You don’t have to walk on eggshells and hole yourself away in your house, but you do have to make sure you don’t violate the conditions of your release. Read on to learn what you can and can’t do while you’re out on bail. 

What Can You Do While You’re Out on Bail?

While you’re out on bail and awaiting your court appearances, there are plenty of things you can do. Live your life like a model citizen, and you should be just fine. Just a few of things you can do include:

  • Finding and maintaining employment. If you had a job before you were arrested and your employer is willing to take you back, you can go back to work. If you didn’t have a job, you can (and should) find and maintain employment. Getting and keeping a job tells the court that you’re a productive member of society. That’s a very good thing. 
  • Traveling (with restrictions). Generally, you can travel within your state while you’re out on bail. If the court didn’t impose any restrictions on interstate travel, you can travel outside your home state too. However, international travel is almost never allowed. 
  • Pursue your hobbies and interests. While you’re out on bail, it’s always a good idea to pursue healthy (and legal) hobbies and interests. Spend time finding and doing things you enjoy so you can replace unproductive and self-damaging habits with healthy ones. 

What Can’t You Do While You’re Out on Bail?

As we mentioned, while you’re out on bail, you can’t do anything that will violate the conditions of your release. If you do, the court considers your bail forfeit, and you’ll be taken back into police custody. If you’re not in a hurry to go back to jail, here’s what you definitely shouldn’t do while you’re out on bail:

  • Miss your court appearances. Whatever you do, do not miss your court dates when you’re out on bail! If you miss even a single appearance, the court considers your bail forfeit. The judge will issue a warrant for your arrest, and whoever bailed you out will lose their money. 
  • Possess weapons. Depending on the conditions of your bail, you may or may not be allowed to have weapons. Even if the judge doesn’t prohibit ownership of a weapon, most attorneys strongly advise against owning or carrying a firearm while you’re on bail. If you’re already in hot water with the law, why ask for potential problems?
  • Stay out past curfew. In many cases, judges impose curfews as a condition of release on bail. If you have a curfew, don’t violate it. Even if you don’t think you’ll get caught, you simply never know what could happen. 
  • Break the law. Don’t do anything illegal while you’re out on bail! No civil crimes, no criminal offenses — nothing that could get you re-arrested.  
  • Use alcohol or drugs. It’s in your best interest to abstain from consuming alcohol or using drugs while you’re on bail. This is especially true if you’re prone to questionable activity when you’re under the influence. It’s not uncommon for the court to conduct random drug testing for individuals who are out on bail, and you’ll likely need to take a drug test when you go to court too.  

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