How Long Do You Stay in Jail If You Can’t Make Bail?

Bail is typically set fairly high to motivate those charged with crimes to return to court on the scheduled date. Unfortunately, there are some situations in which defendants do not have enough money to cover the full cost of bail. In such a situation, the defendant has the option of remaining in jail instead of borrowing the money or using personal property as collateral. Let’s take a quick look at how long an individual charged with a crime can remain in jail if he or she cannot afford to pay bail.

The Maximum Jail Stay If Bail Cannot Be Paid

If you do not have the funds necessary to cover the entire cost of bail, you will remain in jail until the judge decides you can leave. Alternatively, there is also the potential that you will simply remain in jail until the day of your court hearing. It is possible the judge will move up your hearing on the docket if he or she knows you cannot make bail and will spend the ensuing days in jail. Unfortunately, it might take weeks, months, or even longer for the court hearing to take place. If you were to spend this amount of time in jail, you would not be able to work, care for your kids, or live life as it was meant to be lived.

Factors That Influence Your Jail Time

The amount of time you spend in jail if you can’t make bail hinges on several factors. As noted above, the judge might move up your hearing if he or she is aware that you can’t pay bail and are stuck in jail. Furthermore, the reason why you were arrested and jailed in the first place also affects the amount of time you spend in jail. Instead of running the risk that you will be in jail all the way up until the hearing date, it is better to reach out to a bail bond agent to pay the bail amount in full. 

You Have the Right to a Speedy Trial and Reasonable Bail

You and every other American have a constitutional right to a reasonable amount of bail and a speedy trial. This means you should not have to wait years for your trial to take place. At most, you will likely have to spend a month or two in jail before your court date. In short, the court is required to schedule trials in a timely manner after discussing the case with prosecutors and the defense. In general, courts attempt to schedule trials as quickly as possible for those who cannot afford to post bail. However, the court docket might be jam packed, so it could take some time for your day in court.

In short, there is no specific standard as to how long someone might be forced to wait in jail until their day in court. The sad truth is that courts do not always schedule hearings as quickly as defendants desire. The only silver lining to spending time in jail prior to the court hearing is that it counts as time served on the sentence in the event that you are found guilty. 

Don’t Waste Your Time in Jail!

There is no sense spending a single second longer than necessary in jail. You have a life to live, a job to work, family to care for, and friends to spend time with. Instead of running the risk that you will spend two months in jail or even longer awaiting your day in court, do the smart thing and contact our bail bonds service to bail you out of jail. Our service is quick, affordable, and professional. 

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