What to Expect When You Get Arrested in Dallas and Tarrant County

Whether there’s a warrant out for your arrest or you made a mistake one weekend, you’re likely wondering what happens next. The arrest process, while often televised in drama series, is still a bit confusing to most people. Here at A Way Out Bonds, we hope to alleviate any confusion surrounding an arrest and the bail bond process altogether.

The Arrest

We are all hopeful that an arrest goes smoothly. Whether it does or not depends mostly on you, the defendant, though. If you listen to the arresting officer, your arrest will move along smoothly and efficiently. Before you know it, you’ll be in the police station, answering questions, and calling for a lawyer or bail bond services.

Once you are put in handcuffs, the officers will bring you to the station, tell you why you’re being arrested, read your Miranda Rights, and put you in a cell. You do not need to answer any questions without an attorney present.


The booking process is straightforward. The officers will take your photos and fingerprints, ask identifying questions, and take possession of any items on your person. You want to ensure they have everything to guarantee their safe return.

Bail Bonds

Depending on the charges, you may be lucky enough to post bail. Bail is a type of fee you pay to the court—it’s a guarantee that you will appear in court on your scheduled dates. If you miss a date, you forfeit the money you put up.

You may need a friend or family member to post your bail. Either way, it’s important to note that a bail bondsman will collect a fee—generally 10 percent—as their payment.

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