What Does Remand Bail Mean?

If you or a loved one has been arrested, understanding your options and the laws that govern the detention can be challenging. At A Way Out Bail Bonds, one of the many questions we frequently hear from clients is “what is remand bail?” To understand remand on bail, it is first important to know what “remand” means in general and why remand on bail can be a favorable alternative.

What Happens to Defendants on Remand?

A defendant who is remanded is detained in jail until his or her trial. There may be various reasons a court decides to hold someone in remand. Typically, this measure is taken when a judge deems that a defendant will likely do any of the following things while released:

  • Commit other offenses
  • Fail to appear for trial
  • Obstruct justice
  • Commit other violations

A defendant or attorney, however, may make the case for remand on bail. Remand bail allows a defendant to wait for the start of the trial without being physically detained in prison, on the condition that the defendant pays bail and later returns to court for trial proceedings.

Why Is Remand on Bail Advantageous?

Remand on bail offers various benefits for accused individuals. It may be much easier for a defendant to meet with an attorney and prepare a defense for the trial in a private setting outside of jail. Defendants remanded on bail can also keep up with their obligations, such as working, caring for family members, and paying bills. Remand bail can also protect the health of defendants by reducing stress and lowering the likelihood of a physical injury.

Securing Remand on Bail

If remand on bail is offered, making bail is the best option for most defendants. As a Dallas bail bonds agency, we can help you post bail so you will not be remanded in prison because you are unable to pay. If you need help or would like more information about our services and the bail bonds process, please contact A Way Out Bail Bonds at 214-760-9978 today.

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