Some Parents Must Ask – What Is a Surety?

We have seen many parents face the reality that their child went to jail. Upon visiting the police station for the first time, many parents feel anger, grief, and confusion. Given that they are new to the process of getting someone out of jail, they end up with a lot of questions. One question that is asked very frequently in this situation is “what is a surety?” A Way Out Bail Bonds is able to assist in answering this inquiry.

Between Jail and Trial

No matter how quickly the wheels of justice roll on television, reality is that there is a period of time between jail and a trial. The Bill of Rights guarantees every citizen the right to a “speedy trial,” however, depending on the crime that one is being accused of, preparation for the trial could take up to six months.

Surety Bond

Most parents, when seeking answers about what is a surety, are told that it is a type of bond that will allow their adult child to get out of jail while awaiting the trial. This type of bond allows the arrested individual to be released for a non-refundable 10% of the total bail amount. Many choose to contact our Dallas bail bonds office for this payment option when the total bail amount is much too high to come up with.

Cash Bond

For those who have no problem coming up with the total bail amount, they may ask, “What is a cash bond?” instead of, “What is a surety?” Posting a cash bond means that the arrested person can pay the total bail cost, and they will agree to have that money held until the end of the trial.

Should you find yourself in the difficult situation of wondering how to get your adult child out of jail without breaking the bank, contact us, A Way Out Bail Bonds, at 214-760-9978.

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