Release Options for a Bail Bond

A Way Out Bail Bonds is a bail bond service in Arlington that provides bail bond release options. We’ve been in the bail bond business for over 35 years and provide multiple bail bond services and other helpful services to the accused. We help accused individuals get fast releases from jail. We help accused individuals acquire valid Texas driver’s licenses or state ID cards. We offer national bonds and state bonds, and we can issue bonds for traffic violations, felonies and misdemeanors.

A bond is issued by a bail bondsman, and it’s a fast way to get out of jail without paying the entire amount of the bail. A bond is an agreement between the bondsman and the accused individual and involves paying a percentage of the total amount of the bail to the bondsman. In turn, the bondsman goes to the courthouse and posts the entire amount of the bail, thus securing the release of the accused. It is a much cheaper option than paying the entire bail amount. However, unlike paying the entire amount of the bail and getting it back at the court date, the bondsman keeps the percentage as his or her fee for posting the bond.

A Way Out Bail Bonds offers several bail bond release options to help you get out of jail faster. We offer surety bonds and property bonds. Surety bonds are bonds that are issued for a percentage of the bail amount, which is typically 10 percent.

Property bonds are issued with property as collateral. The property must be worth the entire bail amount in order to be used. Of course, if the accused doesn’t show up for their court date, the bondsman can opt to sell the property to retrieve the amount of the bail.

A Way Out Bail Bonds offers multiple bail bond options for accused individuals in Arlington, TX. We offer property bonds and surety bonds to help accused individuals get out of jail faster. To find out more about our bail bond options, give us a call at 817-261-2828.

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