How Does the Bail Bond Process in Texas Works

If you’ve been arrested for a crime in Texas, and more specifically in the Arlington area, you may be facing a lot of questions, but the most important one is “How can I get free?” According to A Way Out Bail Bonds, the bail bond process in Arlington typically works through these three steps:

  1. Your Arrest – This step of the process will be where you are placed under arrest by a law enforcement official.
  2. You May Be Offered Bail – After your arrest, you may be given the option of posting bail in order to leave the custody of law enforcement authorities. In most cases, a bail amount is set, but some crimes may not allow a judge to set a bail amount.
  3. Bail is Posted – After bail is posted by an individual or a bail bondsman, the arrested individual is allowed to leave the custody of law enforcement until the time of their court date. Keep in mind that offering the required bail amount does not mean that the arrested individual is free to go; they will still need to show up in court for their hearing.

Because most courts require large amounts of money for bail, bail bond agencies are able to assist arrested individuals through surety bonds. A surety bond is a way for arrested individuals to offer bail money without having to pay the entire bail amount upfront. Bail bond agencies, such as A Way Out Bail Bonds, are available to work with individuals who have been arrested to pay bail, even if these individuals do not have the entire amount available at the time of arrest.

Additionally, some bail bond agencies will be willing to work with arrested individuals and their families regarding payments, and often times, this results in collateral being offered to the bail bond agency. Collateral may come in the form of real property or other financial equity, and this collateral is then used by the bail bond agency to prove to the Texas court system that the defendant will appear at their court date or the bail money will be paid in full.

If you or a loved one have been arrested in Texas and you’re seeking a way to regain freedom before your court hearing, please call the best choice for Arlington bail bond agent services, A Way Out Bail Bonds, at 214-760-9978 (for Dallas) or 817-261-2828 (for Arlington).

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