Bail for Criminal Cases in Dallas TX from A Way Out

Whether you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony, you need help. Not only do you need to talk to an attorney, but you need an experienced Dallas bail bond agent to help you get out of jail. Getting arrested is scary enough without being stuck in jail for an indefinite period of time – contact A Way Out Bail Bonds for help.

Dallas courts often set bail for criminal cases at a high level so that criminals won’t be tempted to skip their court dates. When you pay bail, you’re promising to return to court at the appointed time or forfeit the bail money, and the courts know that you don’t want to forfeit thousands of dollars. However, this can leave you in a bind because you and your family may not have the money to completely cover your bail. If this happens, don’t panic. Contact a bails bondsman to get your bail settled.

Your Dallas TX bail bond agent loans you or your family the bail money so that you can get out of jail more quickly. Usually, you have to pay about 10 percent of the bail money upfront while the bail bond agency covers the rest. Then you pay the rest of the bond back to the bail bond agency over time. This makes it affordable for you to pay your bail.

Once you’re free, it’ll be a lot easier to meet with your attorney and begin working on your case. In addition, you have a right to be free pending trial. If you do not take advantage of bail bonds services, you are allowing yourself to remain imprisoned without having been convicted of a crime.

For all of these reasons, you shouldn’t hesitate to call A Way Out Bail Bonds if you or a loved one has recently been arrested and can’t make bail. You can contact us at 214-760-9978. Call today to start the process of freeing yourself from jail.

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