DWI & DUI Cases
Our capable bail bond agents have experience posting bail for all types of traffic cases involving DUI or DWI, which are not the same charge.

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Choose from a variety of easy payment options including pay at the jail, credit cards and personal checks to make jail release faster and more convenient for you.

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A Way Out Bail Bonds helped my son get a quick release from jail. Thanks for everything!

- David J.

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Bail Bonds Options

jail release bail bond from the Dallas Municipal Jail and Court by A Way Out Bail Bonds of Arlington and Fort Worth TexasIn the event that you or someone you care for is arrested, our Dallas bail bond agency will work to ensure the defendant's freedom until the case is closed. If you can afford to pay the full cash amount of the bail set, the court will refund that amount once the accused appears at all required court proceedings. However, a cash bond takes 60 to 90 days to process and some courts deduct a small administrative fee (usually 3%) plus any fines or court costs owed. In contrast, posting bail through a our licensed bond agents is fast and convenient.


You pay a percentage of the total bail amount to our bondsmen, then are free to be with your family and friends while working toward a successful day in court. To make the jail release process easier, our bail bond agents can help you with the most common types of bail bonds and many others.

Bail Bonds Options

Fast release by A Way Out Bonds from the Dallas Municipal Jail and Court by your 24 hour Bail Bonds of Arlington and Fort Worth for fast release

No matter what types of bail bonds you choose, our Dallas bondsmen provide the fastest bail in the business. A Way Out Bail Bonds keeps experienced bail bond representatives on call 24 hours a day to meet you at the jail immediately. In most cases, jail paperwork takes between one to four hours, so our bail bond service focuses on speeding up that process. We are able to post your bail in less than 30 minutes from the time you call.

Our bail bond service even provides mobile bond delivery. Once the bond and cosigner have been approved, we can be at the jail in 30 minutes most cases! You should never wait long for your release.

For fast, professional bail bonds in Dallas and surrounding communities in Texas, contact us online. Call our licensed bail bond agents 24/7 at (214)-760-9978 in Dallas County and (817) 261-2828 in Tarrant County. Our goal is to make the bail bonding process as painless as possible for all types of bail bonds.

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Call A Way Out Bail Bonds for the Dallas TX areas when you need to get out of jail quickly twenty four hours a day seven days a week
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Call A Way Out Bail Bonds for the Fort Worth and Tarrant County areas when you need to get out of jail quickly 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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