Your Rights During a Routine Traffic Stop

Police have the authority to stop anyone for traffic violations, and anyone who gets stopped is usually unnerved by the experience. However, anyone pulled over should remember that they do have rights during a traffic stop. In case of an arrest, remember that A Way Out Bail Bonds is available around the clock to get you out of jail.

Stay Calm

Some states require that an officer to have probable cause to stop you, and other states require reasonable suspicion. Something you do that calls an officer’s attention to you is the basis for your traffic stop, but you are not obligated to admit to anything. You can say that you intend to remain silent, and Police Crimes recommends that you say nothing in reply to any question. An officer can find everything that is required from you on your driver’s license.

Agree to No Searches

When an officer asks for permission to search your car, decline to provide it. The Constitution provides you protections that are defined in the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. An officer needs your permission to conduct a search, and you are not obligated to allow it.

Request Permission to Leave

Your goal is to leave the traffic stop as soon as possible, and you are entitled to ask the officer if you are free to go. An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) is usually more serious than a civil infraction, and you may need an attorney to prepare a criminal defense for you. Even in a traffic stop for DUI that results in your arrest, you can still say that you prefer not to say anything.

Plan for a Good Outcome

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