What You Must Know Before Calling a Bail Bond Agent

Before you pick up the phone and call a local bail bond agency, you need to have some crucial information that will help you secure a quick jail release for the defendant. Whether that is you or a loved one, we go through the information the bail bond agent will require.

Paying for Bonds

Hiring a local bail bond service may seem like the easiest route, but it is not a free solution. Most bail bondsmen are quite helpful. They do require payment, though. If you find yourself in legal trouble, paying for bail upfront can be a risky prospect. You may not even have the money available. But a bail bond? That is usually more affordable, thanks to payment plans.

When looking for a bail bond company, consider your budget. Many bail companies have their own fee schedules. Find someone who is transparent about their costs and willing to work with you. But in the end, be aware that you do have to pay.

The Right Information

If you wish to secure a quick jail release for you or a loved one, you need the right information. Otherwise, the bail agent cannot help. First, you need to know the full name of the individual who was arrested. You need to know where they are being held. You need to know what charges have been brought against them.

That’s just the start. You’ll also want to know the booking number. If you’re unsure of any of this information, consider speaking with the jail. They can most likely get you the booking number and charges, for instance. Your chosen bail bond agent can also help acquire some of the necessary information, but not all.

Whenever you find yourself in dire need of bail bond services, know that A Way Out Bail Bonds provides 24/7 bail bonds in Dallas and Tarrant County. Give us a call at 214-760-9978!

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