The Difference Between Setting Bail and Setting Bond

For those who have been arrested, or know someone who has, the difference between bail and bond is an important question. A Way Out Bail Bonds is a bail bond service in Arlington to help those without the means to pay in full the entire amount of the bail.

Bail Versus Bond

After you have been arrested for a crime, you may have to pay to stay out of jail. A judge may set bail for you to pay entirely before you can be released from jail to await your court date. In some instances, the amount set is too high for an individual to post bail, and a bondsman is needed. The bail is the amount of money it takes to get you out of jail until your court date. A bail bond is when you pay a bondsman to guarantee the full bail amount to the court, but you only pay a percentage of the entire bail amount yourself.

What a Bondsman Does

The job of a bondsman, like A Way Out Bail Bonds, is to vouch for you to the court that you will appear at your court date. Rather than paying the full bail to the court, you pay a percentage of it to the bondsman. Through a surety bond, the bondsman’s insurance company pays the full bail amount if you do not appear in court. The bondsman may require you to sign over collateral in case you do not show up at your court date. This is known as a property bond.

With both types of these bonds bondsman then guarantees the court that you will be there for your court appointment. If you do appear in court as required, the set bond amount you posted is returned to the bail bond company or bondsman, and your collateral is safe from collection. If you decided to pay the entire bail amount yourself directly to the court, you get it all back after court fees have been subtracted.

If you need a bail bondsman to get out of jail, contact A Way Out Bail Bonds in Arlington at 817-261-2828.

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