How to Get Someone Out of Jail With No Money

How to Get Someone Out of Jail With No Money

Nobody wants to get a call from jail. It’s a hard thing to process. Someone you care about is in a bad situation, and they’re asking you for help. It’s that much worse when you know you don’t have the means to secure their release right away. Bail can be expensive, and not everyone has the cash to post it right away.

If someone is in jail and money is a problem, it can feel hopeless. But you aren’t out of options yet. There are a few ways to get someone out of jail with little or no money. The three options listed below could make all the difference, so explore them thoroughly.

Appeal the Bail

A person can appeal their bail. It is a legal right. The process involves appearing before a judge again, and that presents an immediate challenge. Until the appeal completes, the defendant will remain in jail. Still, if there are no better alternatives, this is a viable way for someone to get out of jail.

For an appeal, it helps immensely to have a lawyer present. When money is tight, a public defender can conceivably carry out this duty. The purpose of the appeal is to show the judge that the defendant is nonviolent and not a flight risk. If that is achieved, the bail can be appealed, and release is possible.

Ask for Help

It is important to remember that bail is refunded in full as long as the defendant makes their court dates. If there is someone you can ask to help with bail, it’s a common enough favor to ask. Make sure the defendant is in court as needed, and the generous friend gets all of their money back. 

Consider a Bond

Bonds exist for a reason. Not everyone can find the money for bail, but they should still have an opportunity to get out of jail. Bond agents are experts at the bail process. They will charge a flat fee. For that fee, they will pay the bail and secure release. It’s worth noting that the bond fee will always be much, much less than the bail itself. It’s why bonds are a viable way to post bail.

It’s important to understand a few things about bonds. They are legally binding contracts, and if the defendant violates any part of it, the bond agent can cancel the contract. That means bail is no longer secured, and the defendant will end up back in jail. In general, there are two reasons this might happen. The first is missing a court date. Bail is there to ensure a person makes their court appearance, and the bond agent assumes legal responsibility for making sure the defendant is present. The other time a contract might be voided is if the bond fee (typically called a premium) isn’t paid.Those are three options that are generally available to anyone. If someone you care about is in jail and you don’t have the money for bail, there are still options. If you want expert help, feel free to contact A Way Out Bail Bonds. We can explain how it works so you can find a solution and get your loved one released as soon as possible. Find us online or call us at 817-261-2828.

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