Dangers of Staying in Jail to Await Your Hearing

You have a warrant for your arrest, and you know you’re going to be spending some time in jail. Should you just wait it out, or should you try to bail yourself out? While it may seem more straightforward to just stay in jail, there are some real dangers that could arise. We go over why it’s important to try to make bail here. Call A Way Out Bail Bonds for bail services.

Who Will Look After Your Things?

Who will take care of your home and your possessions? If someone knows you’ve been arrested, they also know it’s the perfect time to rob you. If you don’t have someone watching, and you don’t live with someone else, you could be vulnerable.

Will You Still Have a Job When You Get Back?

If you’ve been able to keep your job while awaiting trial, how will that affect your chances of retaining that job? On the other hand, if you’re unemployed and happen to get out on bond, do you have enough money saved up to take care of yourself while you’re fighting this case in court? Will you be able to find a new job while in jail? Not likely.

Being in jail can impact your earning potential not just while waiting for the trial but for a long time to come. It can be better to get bailed out and continue to work consistently so you don’t lose your job.

Is Someone Going to Pay Your Rent?

If you’re renting, how are you going to pay your rent if you’re in jail? Will someone be able to stop by and take care of the dog or water the plants while you’re gone? If so, that’s great! But it may mean having to come up with the money to pay them.

If you’re going to lose your job while you’re awaiting trial, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to send checks in. But how many employers will continue to pay you while you’re waiting for a trial? And what’s going to happen to all your things if your rent isn’t paid and you’re evicted?

Who Takes Care of Your Kids, Pets, and Plants?

As mentioned above, someone has to take care of everything that you regularly take care of. Again, if you’re in jail while your case is pending, it’s unlikely your friends or family will be able to take care of things like pets and plants. And it can be very difficult to find someone trustworthy enough to take care of your children.

How Will You Arrange Your Defense?

While your attorney can certainly meet with you and call you in jail, it’s often much easier to create a defense if you’re out and able to meet with them. For example, it can be difficult to speak with character witnesses and ask them to write a letter for you if you’re incarcerated.

If the evidence against you is strong, and you know you’ll be spending some time in prison, it might make more sense to just stay in jail until your trial. But if the evidence is weak, and there’s a chance of acquittal or a shorter sentence (as there often is), it’s worth spending less time in jail to fight your case and preserve your lifestyle.

The Benefits of a Walkthrough Bail Bond

A walkthrough bail bond is a bail bond organized when a warrant is already known to exist. The bond is created proactively, so when you turn yourself in, the bond is already ready. Often, you’ll just be in and out of jail without any real time spent there. Although the real amount of time that it’ll take to complete the “walkthrough” will vary depending on the jail and the seriousness of your crimes.

If you’re worried about spending time in jail or want to avoid the entire situation, you should talk to a bail bondsman. They can arrange for something called a walkthrough bail bond. Contact A Way Out Bail Bondsman today to find out more.

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