Dangers of Staying in Jail to Await Your Hearing

Jail is not a place where anyone wants to be. Despite that, millions of people end up in jail each year, and it represents major problems that need to be overcome. When arrested, most people will be placed on bail, with a chance to get out of jail if they can put up enough cash.

Faced with a hard financial decision, some might wonder if it’s better just to stay in jail. That is virtually never the case. Jail is bad for many reasons, and it can be downright dangerous to stay in jail a minute longer than you absolutely must. When you need to get out of jail fast, call A Way Out Bail Bonds for bail services.

The top reason that lawyers work so hard to get defendants out of jail is that statements made in jail can potentially come up in court. It’s easy to accidentally incriminate oneself — even if one didn’t commit the charged crimes. Words can be used against you in court, and anything said in jail can be repeated by fellow wards of the jail or people who work there.

On top of all of that, if you’re in jail, you have much less ability to work with your lawyer to construct your defense.

Jail Is Dangerous

This is pretty obvious to just about everyone. Jail is not known for being a place of peace and tranquility. Abuse can and does happen, and every day spent in jail exposes a person to more risk of experiencing that abuse.

Jails can be outright dangerous in the raw, physical sense of the word. It’s always best to minimize jail time in order to maximize safety.

Jail Can Be Traumatic

Clearly, if a person can suffer abuse in jail, they can also suffer trauma from that abuse. But it extends far beyond the most obvious cases. Being in jail is stressful, and it can wear on a person’s psyche. Not everyone will be physically hurt in jail, but just about everyone suffers at least some level of psychological wear from the experience.

The longer a person stays in jail, the more trauma they are likely to experience. The extended stress of the situation can lead to complicated, often unpredictable negative health benefits. Getting out as soon as possible is the only way to try to prevent emotional and mental stress of this kind.

Jail Can Be Contagious

Jail is not literally contagious. Instead, this is referring to the fact that a lot of people are often packed into a crowded jail, and the conditions are not always hypersanitary. Jails are notorious as places where diseases can spread swiftly and dangerously.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, jails everywhere struggled to find ways to mitigate the spread of the disease through their facilities. This problem isn’t relegated to one type of infection. All communicable diseases pose a serious threat to jails. Staying there can be bad for your health in many ways.

Jail Can Break Your Bank

Most of us cannot afford to miss work for the amount of time that one can stay in jail waiting for a hearing. While the hearing is supposed to come relatively quickly, it can take days to weeks to resolve legal situations, even when you aren’t ultimately guilty of breaking the law.

That’s enough time to lose a job and wrack up a lot of unpaid bills. Simply put, staying in jail is expensive, and the majority of people can’t afford those kinds of expenses.

Clearly, staying in jail is bad for you in all manner of ways. It’s imperative that you (or someone you care about) are released as soon as possible to avoid as many of these problems as can be avoided. In order to make that happen, you might need a little help. That’s where A Way Out Bail Bonds can save the day. We can work with you to secure a bond that covers bail and ensures a speedy release from jail. We’re available to help right now, so don’t wait. Contact us either by phone or online.

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