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How Is a Bail Amount Determined?

When you hear about criminal proceedings and people being released from jail on bail, you may hear something like “The judge set bail at [X amount].” But how is bail determined? Is it just some arbitrary number the judge pulled out of his or her brain? Or is there a defined process that a judge […]

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Harris County Bail Revamp Raises Concerns

It seems like the entire nation is seeing reforms to bail systems, usually having to do with the way traditional bail systems seem to penalize people of modest means. People with little to no available cash to secure their release languish in jail before their trial date, while many people, often arraigned for severe charges […]

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New Bail System in NJ Lowers Jail Populations

In New Jersey, a new bail system has created a variety of reactions, from many different interest groups. While some praise the new system and call for reforms of a similar nature in other states, others believe that the new system is making a bad problem worse, and causing trouble for innocent citizens in the […]

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